Rescue 56 is a Pumper Rescue made by Crimson
Main purpose is Heavy Rescue
Full set of TNT Extrication Tools
1500 GPM Pump
750 gallons of water
Light Tower
Hydraulic Generator
Command Set up in back of cab
RIT Truck

Duty Chief
1999 Chevy Tahoe
Used by the chief who is on duty for the week


2016 Freight Liner      

4 Guys Tanker

1800 gallon tank 750 pump

2011 4Guys Engine
1st Due to all fires
2000 GPM Pump
1000 gallons of water
Light tower
Hydraulic Generator
has a set of extracation tools mounted in the rear

2006 Polaris 6x6
Used for brush fire & EMS transports from off the road.  Also used for stand-by events in the community.  40 gallon tank with 2 hose reels.  Each reel has 50' of hose.  Stokes carrying platform and medic seat.

2010 Ford F-350
Brush Truck
250 Gallon Tank with portapump

2001 E-One 75' Quint
1500 GPM Pump
750 Gallons of water
Full Truck Company Setup

24' Enclosed Trailer
Tech Rescue Trailer
Has a generator for lights.  Carries all Tech (Rope) Rescue Equipment, tripod and ropes